Big things often start with something unbelievably small.

Something Tiny.


What is Something Tiny?


Something Tiny is an interdisciplinary design studio that specializes in branding and custom logotypes. We help brands establish identities and embark on a new visual journey best tailored for them. No matter how big (or how small) the update is, never forget the impact that something tiny can have.


Our Services

Although we create beautifully designed logos and logotypes, we know your brand is more than just that. We create a visual identity for your company by providing proper guidelines, stationery, and general creative direction, whenever necessary.

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Our Process

The whole process is a collaborative one between you and us. We start by simply getting to know you and we develop numerous sketches by hand before ever touching a computer. Once we start digitizing, we pay particular attention to every single line or curve that builds the form. The result is a finely tuned logotype that’s built to last.

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Those [tiny] details matter.


Featured Case Studies


Chu Creative Video

A logotype for a freelance creative video producer looking to stand out in a very crowed marketplace.


So Mighty Studio

The creation of a script logotype based off of an existing sketch designed by this lettering artist-run production studio.


Novel Coworking

The rebrand of a coworking space looking to help their members write their own stories.


Helping you create the things you want to see in this world.


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