Our Process.




Getting Started.

Of course we start with a brief and just getting to know you, but it all really starts with a sketch. Well, actually a lot of them. We begin by simply putting a few ideas down on paper. They always start off tiny (as most good things do) and give us the foundation for what will eventually become your brand.


Creative Exploration.

This is where we work out all of the initial concepts. Something about how sketching reveals what works at the simplest of levels. Talk about how these are designed to be rough and purely about creative exploration.




Getting Going.

While the sketch is the foundation, the digital version is the house in which we build on top of it. It is the part that everyone sees and what makes you stand out in the neighborhood. We begin by starting to digitize our favorite options, paying attention to every single detail.


Building & Refining.

All throughout this phase, we not only build options that are structurally sound, but we explore how each one might look once you put it in place. This gives us an a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not.




Getting You Involved.

As our client, you are always at the forefront of our thought process. After spending time sketching and creating, this is when we begin to share with you. We’ll present all our best options and get a sense of what your new logo may look like in use.


Refining & Refining Some More.

Once we have a clear sense of which direction we want to go in, and we’re all in agreement, this is when we become obsessive. This is the nerdy part. We start to focus on every line, every curve, and every connection it takes to construct a beautiful logotype.




The Final Result

We continue to revise and refine until every curve is accounted for and every detail is just right. Once we have your approval, we finalize and begin to put it into practice.


Ready do to this?