So Mighty

We were asked by Becca and Josh Clason to help develop a custom logotype for their new collaborative studio, So Mighty. They are a creative video production studio based outside of Salt Lake City, UT.


The Insight

The goal was to create a logotype that would live up to the name. We wanted to give the logo a sense of strength and bravado whilst also being fun and approachable. Of course, would like any good logotype, making sure it stands up when scaled down was equally as important.


The Process

This particular project started a bit different than most. With Becca being an lettering artist herself, she had already created a preliminary sketch of the directions she wanted to go in before approaching us at Something Tiny. Building off her sketch, our goal was to design something with the personality of the original sketch fused into it.


The Final Product

Keeping in line with Becca’s original sketch, we created a mark that stands on its own not only as a logotype, but as a lettering piece as well.

Animation by  Austin Saylor

Animation by Austin Saylor